HARRIS MUSICOLOGY consults on music for media. Since 1988, we've evaluated over 8000 compositions, arrangements and recordings for plagiarism for 1450 clients at 475 companies to help them avoid or resolve litigation.

Many companies engage Harris Musicology on a constant basis as part of their policy to clear all music for broadcast. Others depend on us to solve specific issues before putting music on air, film, video, disc or the internet.

Ad agencies and music, video, film and web production companies use our services, as do independent composers and producers. We work directly with major corporations, law firms and attorneys as well.

For clients already involved in music infringement litigation, we provide consultation and, when appropriate, forensic musicological analyses, reports and testimony that are thorough, clear and persuasive in a court of law. We are particularly good at quickly terminating frivolous claims of infringement.

We also research compositions for copyright and other information, and can find existing, often public domain, music for your project, according to your criteria.

Matthew Harris, head of Harris Musicology, has worked as a music editor at publishing houses such as Carl Fisher, Inc. and as a professor of music at Brooklyn College, CUNY, New York City College of Technology, CUNY and Fordham University. He studied composition at Harvard University, New England Conservatory and The Juilliard School, where he received his doctorate. He has been featured on NPR's On the Media and in Slate Magazine and Billboard for his work in forensic musicology.