Here are the ways to contact HARRIS MUSICOLOGY. Also, be sure to read What to Send and How as well as What We Need to Know.

By Appointment or Messenger
Matthew Harris
Harris Musicology
24 W. 69th Sreet, Suite 5A
Between Central Park West &
Columbus Avenue,
Upper West Side of Manhattan.

By Mail, UPS, FedEx, etc.
Matthew Harris
Harris Musicology
24 W. 69th St. Ste. 5A
New York, NY  10023

By Email

By Phone
Office: 212-362-7087
(Weekdays, 9am to 6pm EST)
Cell: 917-806-9949

By Fax
212-496-1846 (Please call or email
an alert when faxing.)

Note: the above is a NEW ADDRESS as of December 1st, 2010!


What to Send and How

You should send us an audio recording of the music in question if one exists. Also, if there was any music used at any point as a stand-in or inspiration for the music to be cleared (i.e. "guide," "scratch" or "reference" track) please send a recording of it as well, or at least provide as much information about it as possible (title, composer, performer, album and track no.).

Here are the kinds of audio we can accept, in order of preference:

  • Sound file via email (all formats, MP3 preferred)
  • Sound file available for downloading online
  • CD

If it is important for us to see picture with sound (and it sometimes is), here are the kinds of video we can accept, in order of preference:

  • Video file (QuickTime or MPEG-4 preferred) via email
  • Video available for downloading online
  • DVD

If you have sheet music or a lyric sheet that goes with your recording, please send it as well. Here is how we prefer to receive it:

  • PDF file via email or posted on your site.
  • Hardcopy by mail or messenger
  • Fax transmission

If you send sheet music without a recording, please be aware that we can only clear the composition itself. A clearance letter from us would not extend to any existing or future recording of the composition.


What We Need to Know

In order to get your job off to a good start, here is the information you should provide along with your music:

  1. Basic Facts Needed for the Report
    • What is the title of your composition?
    • Who is the client and what is the product?
    • What is the name, street address and web address of your company?
    • Who do I send my report to?
    • When does he/she need it?
    • Who do I send the invoice to?
  2. Background and Related Information about Your Music
    • Was there a reference track? (See above section on sending materials.)
    • If so, did anyone inquire about licensing the music?
    • Is this a demo or the final version?
    • Will there be sound (voice-over, on-camara sound and/or effects) added to the music?
    • What is the venue (TV, cable, radio, theatrical film, video /DVD, CD album, web site, live event, etc.)?
    • If for TV or radio, is it regional or national? If regional, where?
    • How often and for how long will it be aired?